Anonymous: oh, I wasnt just talking about being gay. I just mean that maybe disney is generally trying to branch out and be a little more relatable. But i do see what you mean

Yeah disney is definitely trying new things with GMW (as far as I can tell….i dont watch other disney shows). It’s laying ground work for future possibilities, I’ll say that. 

Anonymous: Nac: You are literally amazing. Thank you for defending some of the fandom who would like gay characters. We are not pedos, I'm literally like a year older than some of the cast, we don't want it for some political or social justice and a lot of us don't even want a gay ship until high school. It doesn't seem like you want a gay character, but thanks for defending the fandom. You're amazing :)

Yeah like I’m pretty indifferent either way but god it pisses me off when people start this shit with “oh it’s so creepy to want kids to be gay! stop forcing your lifestyle on us!” As if you don’t go into walmart and see baby clothes with shit like “lady’s man” on it (not that it bothers me because im never bothered by anything but i mean with these people and their logic, they should be creeped out by that too…instead they act like being gay is some life choice you make at 35)

Anonymous: NAC I think GMW is going to cover some topics that we havent seen in a while on disney. But remember that episode of good luck charlie where the girl had two moms? maybe disney is trying to relate to more kids and teens since kids are changing, become more aware of these issues, and deal with them daily. I can see them branching out. What do you think?

It’s one thing to have random background characters be gay and it’s another to have one of your main characters be gay. That’s not to discredit GLC but I don’t think Disney is gonna be quick to have a main character on one of their shows be gay. If they do it at all, I think we’re gonna have to wait for it. 

Anonymous: nac but i get that a lot of fans want to see lgbt stuff with the characters, but I feel like right now would be kinda early since they're only in 7th grade and I will be honest, the only time I've actually seen lgbt in my school was when I started high school... (I'm in 9th grade rn btw, but I understand for other people it's most likely different and stuff)

theres gay kids in middle school. they just may not be out yet. people get more comfortable in high school (i mean, dudes were OUT in my high school and then there was like a gang of lesbians) but i mean, my cousin is 13 and her best friend is gay so it happens. it also makes a difference where youre going to school but on gmw theyre in ny so im assuming it wouldnt be that far fetched to see gay kids out in middle school

Anonymous: i was agreeing that he wouldn't do what that anon said then i added what i thought he would do


Anonymous: I never really believed people tried to convert others to homosexuality until I read your blog and now it's just weird. These are children

"convert others to homosexuality" please leave

Anonymous: Really wish creepy people would stop trying to make kids gay

how is it even creepy like first of all these people could be the same age as the actors, you dont know, so how is it creepy that they want to see some representation on television?

i hate when people make me get all preachy but damn

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