Anonymous: NAC I followed the link to your personal blog then visited your twitter and I'm crying over your bio/ description thingy. Perfect for someone that runs a blog like this :)

ha, thanks :) im glad my twitter bio hasnt gone unnoticed

Anonymous: NAC: YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYUUYYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I'm so glad you ship Maya and Lucas too! And the way you have them planned is awesome. I really hope that it happens!

haha thanks! i really hope the writers decide to go there because i really need it. itd be so beautiful….just….ugh

Anonymous: Ok for anyone who wants to know boy meets world is on every weekday from 12-3 EST, on the channel MTV2 :)

To the confessor: If this wasn’t the episode you were talking about, let me know so I can change it. (With Girl Meets World episodes, don’t put “the latest episode”. I need to know the titles because otherwise I get to the confessions too late and have no idea what you’re referencing unless you give me a specific detail about the episode)

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