autumnredroseI don't understand how Cory and Topanga's kid ended up going to a 'John Adams middle school' when they moved to New York.



because its john quincy adams middle school and also why is everyone so unfamiliar with the fact that you can indeed have multiple schools of the same name? the high school i went to (which is in florida) has the same name as one in washington, like this isnt new

That’s perfectly fine. And yes I had no idea. I just think it’s dumb to do too much the same as BMW. I don’t like that they are pretty much doing repeats. And you are quite a little shit aren’t you? Oh well no harm done here..

its not a repeat, its because john quincy is the SON of john adams, like how riley is the DAUGHTER of cory. it was intentionally done as an homage and a cute little easter egg for the fans of the original show. also “im gonna insult you but haha no harm done” like what? oook

mulishametal50can i tear down cities with you???

of course. i am but one woman, i couldnt possibly do it on my own

Anonymous: Okay so I know you posted it, but that was like a lot of anon hate ago. But can you link your review of the second GMW episode? Because I was on vacation and never got to watch it! Sorry I know this is annoying (you are welcome to ignore this.)

lmao “a lot of anon hate ago”. the best unit of measurement for this blog 

here ya go

frommissouriwithloveBUT REALLY DID YOU GUYS LEARN NOTHING FROM "TEACHER'S BET"? Words can hurt. Don't say hurtful things.

and now we have come full circle

Anonymous: What if someone is from Australia? Culturally, the word cunt is way more accepted there.

oh no by all means, an australian calling me a cunt makes its 100% less offensive


Anonymous: You are not a bitch to your followers omgg yall just need to take a relaxi taxi to chilltown bc your all some sorts of whack

relaxi taxi omg lmao

Anonymous: I have 3 things to say to all the other anons: 1) Using the word cunt is never called for 2) the comparison about becoming a teacher really pisses me off 3) go follow another blog if you hate this one so much
Anonymous: did I miss something? why is everyone bashing about you? :(

cuz someone asked a question that i get asked a bajillion times and i was like hey im tired of answering this question, but still answered it anyway. and now im a raging bitch coming to tear down your cities.

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