Anonymous: So someone tweeted to the writers that if Maya and Riley would do corys and Shawn handshake. They said they won't but they will sing Cory and Shawn theme song or something. What the heck is their song? Do you know?

maybe they were joking? i cant imagine what they could possibly be talking about

Anonymous: did you see the tweet the gmw writers said when somebody said they want to see maya and lucas together and they tweeted back saying doesn't riley like him and then they said that there will be a love triangle between riley and maya and that will fight over boy omgg I can't wait

i saw one where someone asked about maya and lucas and they were like “thats not very nice to riley” or whatever. rileys meeting the world….the world aint nice sometimes. she’s gonna need to learn these things now

cor-pangai know you have this post where you have bmw/gmw blogs to follow but can you put it on again I don't have that many people I'm following

i didnt tag that post so i have no idea where it is but here’s a new one (some arent exclusively bmw/gmw related but if their url is then im putting it in)













these are just the blogs i follow/see around a lot so if theres any more anyone else would like to add feel free to reblog and do so

Anonymous: Did you know that Trina McGee was pregnant while filming some of season 5? Sorry if you already knew this. Just found out and think of it as a cool fun fact about the show!

i did indeed know

Anonymous: I didn't know about her in Girl Meets Father, but she did get lines in Girl Meets Maya's Mom. "My dad says actors are just people that never grew up."

ooooh. well now i know what she looks like

Anonymous: No, she's been in a couple more. I've seen stills of her behind her Sabrina for upcoming episodes, too. I think she's been in two that have aired. Girl Meets Popular and Girl Meets Maya's Mom, but I could be wrong. They usually seat her next to Sabrina

wow really? i know she was in girl meets father only because the writers or whoever tweeted to specifically look out for her in the scene with maya dancing in the hallway. i still couldnt pick her out

Anonymous: NAC: Seeing Sarah Carpenter constantly behind Sabrina distracts me more than the weird extra, haha.

i thought she was only in one episode? ive seen her but i still cant pick her out in a lineup so i have no idea

or are you just talking about in general? im very confused

capncrunch87I thought I'd let you know of some great podcasts about GMW/BMW. Google Kids Get Acquainted with the Internet, but I think they are iTunes. Just listened to the banned episode one, and it was very interesting.

im not really a podcast person but if anyone else wants to check it out, here ya go

Anonymous: NAC: quick suggestion, you should make the font darker on your theme. It's really difficult to read any of the text on your site.

i dont have any problems with it. but even still i am nowhere near technologically advanced enough to do that

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