Anonymous: Next episode is Girl Meets Friendship or at least it should be. Home for the Holidays is episode 19, assuming IMDB is right since it lists Master Plan as 21 when I've heard it's the season finale. Who knows sometimes networks screw up episode orders

Google was so wrong omg. thanks!

Anonymous: the next episode airs on November second. they did that because cory and topanga's anniversary is on the 5th so they picked the closest Friday to it

what is the next episode because when i search in google it says its the christmas episode but then it also has another episode listed and surely its no the christmas episode this early??

Anonymous: are there going to be breaks between the next episodes? or will they just keep showing them every friday?

i have on idea. as far as i know there wont be any breaks until maybe the christmas episode? networks tend to take breaks around the holidays but i dont know how disney operates.

Anonymous: NAC: For the most part I think Riley's style is cute but why do they have her dressing like she just stepped out of the 70's? Lol

theyve said her style is more bohemian chic so my best guest is it reflects more of her “topanga” side? we clearly see she gets her personality from her dad so maybe her wardrobe is a shout out to topangas old fashion sense?

Anonymous: Nac: in the girl meets popular am I right to say that riley said damn?

she said Damocles but it was supposed to be a play on her saying damn

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