Anonymous: Please don't say that Riley could get over Lucas. I really loved that ship. I don't care if you ship Maya and Lucas. I know some people do but there's also some people who also ship Riley and Lucas.

???? thats great. good for them but im also entitled to my own opinions

Anonymous: I agree with that person below me that said it wouldn't be right if Maya would date Lucas because that would hurt Riley. It happens and it hurts. Remember that episode "My best friend girl" when Shawn ask Topanga out (I know it was part of a plan but Cory didn't know that) Cory was so hurt that his best friend would ask the girl he likes.

ok but have you considered this: riley gets over lucas because lbr its just a schoolgirl crush, then maya and lucas can happen

dont fight me on this, ive put too much thought into this relationship

Anonymous: NAC. I'm sorry but I really don't think Maya and Lucas will end up together. Do you guys think Maya would hurt her best friend by dating Riley's crush. If u guys had a crush on someone and your best friend who knew about the crush started going out with your crush, how would u guys feel, betrayed right. So yeah I'm pretty sure Maya would never date Luca because that would hurt Riley.

fun fact: it is actually possible for riley to move on from a crush and for 2 people who hang out in the same circle a lot to form feelings for each other. 

do you realize how many OTPs i have that have developed from this type of storyline or some variation of it? trust me….its possible

frommissouriwithloveYou are correct Willie Garson also had a bit part when he interviewed for a job at the wilderness store.

there ya go

vinyl-and-laceNAC: I hope they bring back the blonde classroom extra for Season 2. Someone give her an Emmy award.

from your lips to god’s ears

sam-booksandbowtiesThe actor that played the lawyer in GMW is the same one who played the priest that married Cory and Topanga.

and he was alan’s coworker in season 1. and im pretty sure he had a bit part in one episode in s4 but i could be making that up

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