Anonymous: NAC: To the person who submitted that Rowan and Sabrina always look good because they're celebrities (though I do agree they are pretty), don't put them on such a pedestal that you forget celebs/actors are regular people too. They have bad hair days and probably lounge around in sweatpants just like the rest of us.

yeah but lbr here, celebrities or not, those girls are just gorgeous

Anonymous: Do you follow any other confession blogs

nope. um well, i think i follow a “dirty game of thrones” confession blog lmao but i never actually reblog from it. its just hilarious to read. oh wait and i follow one thats called thestanconfessions or stanconfessions or something like that, which is basically you confess about anything pop culture related. i think thats it. i never see them on my dash so i dont what im following

Anonymous: NAC: I'm dying because of "Oh no, I married Feeny!" THIS SHOW IS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER.
Anonymous: Nac. Did you know Peyton Meyer is around 5'9?? I was so surprised

hopefully he gets taller. at least make it to 5’10

Anonymous: NAC: OMG! Two things that got me tonight! "I wonder who else the idea of Cory and Topanga messed up?" (or however she said it), and "I married Feeny!" Gah!
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